Friday, May 29, 2009

Oklahoma Highway Patrol vs EMT

First off. Are you kidding me? In my 21 years of life. I was always taught that the Ambulances were to be allowed first. I first heard about this video this morning on the radio. Click the link to watch the video OKC HIGHWAY PATROL vs AMBULANCE This is nuts. These EMT drivers were trying to take a woman to the hospital. Turns out the cop decided to throw a hissy fit because the Ambulance did NOT yield to him. The son of the lady who was being taken to the hospital, busted out his camera. And took this video. Thank goodness he did or no one would probably believe him. This is just nuts. I can't believe some of the highway patrol that we have. Here is a link to a blog more about all of this STATter 911 I am so furious about this right now. I feel as if I am not making sense. What are your opinions on this?